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Installing n8n Assistant is a straightforward process. you need to have active ChatGPT plus subscription to be able to use n8n Assistant. The Plus cost between $15-$25 based on your region, after having a plus membership you can easily access the plugin through this link.

GPT Operations:

What makes the GPT plugin different from the actual GPT-4 is that the plugin contains some programming work that enables GPT to call/gather data from "sources," or what we call APIs, to learn how to answer. This ensures that the data is new and better than the generic answers of GPT-4. I will start listing the API endpoints integrated with our GPT.

The n8n Documentation Search API provides a specialized interface for searching through n8n's extensive documentation. This API is designed to facilitate easy access to various documentation sections, including usage guides, integration details, hosting instructions, coding practices, API references, embedding techniques, course materials, and contribution guidelines. Users can perform targeted searches using specific query parameters, ensuring that they find the most relevant information quickly and efficiently.

Search n8n Documentation (Searchn8nDocumntation):

This operation is the core of the n8n Documentation Search API. It allows users to input a search query, along with a required security token, to perform a comprehensive search within the n8n documentation hosted at The search results include the title of the documentation section, the direct URL to the documentation (location), and a brief text description providing an overview of the content found. This operation is essential for developers, users, and contributors who need to navigate the wealth of information available in the n8n documentation efficiently.

The n8n Community Search API is an essential tool for exploring the wealth of knowledge and discussions available within the n8n community forum. This API facilitates the retrieval of forum threads and posts based on user-provided keywords, making it easier to find relevant discussions, solutions, and insights shared by the n8n community members.

Search n8n Community (Searchn8nCommunity):

The primary operation of this API, it allows users to search the n8n forum for threads that match a specific keyword. This operation is crucial for anyone looking to find information, answers, or discussions related to n8n workflows, nodes, integrations, and best practices. The search results include comprehensive details about each topic, such as the title, post count, views, like count, creation and last posted dates, and an excerpt from the post. Additionally, information about the posts within these topics, including usernames, post creation dates, and content, is also provided. This operation serves as a gateway to the vast array of community-generated content and expertise.

The GitHub Issues Search API is specifically designed to enhance the capabilities of the n8n assistant GPT by enabling searches within GitHub issues related to the n8n repository. This API aims to streamline the process of finding relevant issues, discussions, and resolutions that are pertinent to the n8n ecosystem on GitHub.

Search GitHub Issues (SearchGitHubIssues):

This operation is the cornerstone of the GitHub Issues Search API, allowing users to query GitHub issues specifically within the n8n repository. By incorporating the repository target (repo:n8n-io/n8n) directly into the query, this endpoint ensures that search results are exclusively relevant to n8n. Users can input a variety of search terms to find issues related to specific bugs, feature requests, discussions, or any topic of interest within the n8n GitHub community. The search results provide essential information about each issue, including the title, URL, repository name, and current status, facilitating quick access to detailed discussions and solutions.

The core n8n domain API is a powerful interface designed to facilitate interactions with the n8n Assistant, focusing on managing workflow templates and retrieving update changelogs. This API is tailored for users looking to enhance their productivity with n8n by providing efficient access to a wide range of workflow templates and keeping them updated with the latest changes in the n8n ecosystem.

Search Templates (searchTemplates):

This operation allows users to search for n8n workflow templates by title. It supports pagination through skip and rows query parameters, and filtering by category and search terms. The response includes a list of workflow templates matching the criteria, providing a quick overview of available workflows.

Parse Template Details (ParseTemplateDetails):

By specifying a template ID, users can retrieve detailed information about a specific workflow template, including its nodes and description. This operation is essential for understanding the structure and functionality of a template, with the added convenience of a source URL pointing to the template on the website.

Get Latest Version Changelog (getLatestVersionChangelog):

This endpoint is designed to provide users with the latest update changelog for n8n. It returns an array of changelog entries, highlighting important information such as version name, creation date, security issues and fixes, breaking changes, and a detailed description of version changes. This operation is crucial for staying updated with the latest developments and ensuring the security and efficiency of n8n workflows.

This api is linked directly to pre installed n8n Instance with daily updates, the main reason of this api endpoint is to get the latest Node / Credntinals made on stable version of n8n. time by time the GPT will decide if your question need to use this operations or not.

Credentials Meta Data (getCredentialsMetadata):

This operation is used to grab the latest Credentials available in the n8n system. For example, if you want to know whether there's API integration for "Facebook" with Nodemation, GPT will use this operation to retrieve the Facebook credentials schema and teach you how to set it up.

Node Meta Data (getNodesMetadata):

This operation is used to grab the latest nodes available in the n8n system. For example, if you want to know whether there is native integration between n8n and a "service," you can ask GPT. It will be well-informed about whether the node is available in the latest n8n. If not, GPT will call another operation within the same function to check "Community Nodes" and see if there are unofficial nodes for your needs.

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