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An innovative N8N workflow that monitors cryptocurrency prices on Binance, identifies significant market movements, and sends customized alerts through Telegram. Ideal for traders and enthusiasts seeking real-time market insights.

How It Works

  1. Trigger Options: Choose between a manual trigger or a scheduled trigger to start the workflow.
  2. Fetch Market Data: The 'Binance 24h Price Change' node retrieves the latest 24-hour price changes for cryptocurrencies from Binance.
  3. Identify Significant Changes: The 'Filter by 10% Change rate' node filters out cryptocurrencies with price changes of 10% or more.
  4. Aggregate Data: The 'Aggregate' node combines all significant changes into a single dataset.
  5. Format Data for Telegram: The 'Split By 1K chars' node formats this data into chunks suitable for Telegram's message size limit.
  6. Send Telegram Message: The 'Send Telegram Message' node broadcasts the formatted message to a specified Telegram chat.

Set Up Steps

Remember, keep your bot token secure and never share it publicly. If your token is compromised, you can always generate a new one by chatting with BotFather and selecting /token.

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