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This workflow automates the process of notifying users about new emails via Telegram and temporarily hosting the email content on a secret HTML page. It is ideal for users who need immediate notifications and a secure, temporary web view of their email content.

Use Cases

My Personal Use Case: Secure Subscription Sharing

From time to time, I find myself wanting to share my paid subscriptions with friends, but giving out OTP codes manually or sharing my email isn't a good idea due to security concerns. I attempted to use the IMAP node to integrate with Telegram secret channel for this purpose but encountered numerous problems, such as difficulties in scraping content from emails. Additionally, the Telegram API sometimes rejects certain special characters found within email contents. After facing these challenges, I discovered that rendering emails as HTML pages and sharing them directly is the most effective solution. This approach bypasses the issues with character limitations and content scraping, providing a seamless way to share subscription benefits securely.

Configuration Steps

  1. Email Trigger (IMAP): Configure your IMAP email credentials to enable the workflow to check for new emails.
  2. Telegram Nodes: Insert your Telegram bot's API credentials and your chat ID in both Telegram nodes to send and delete messages.
  3. Github Gist Nodes: Provide your GitHub API credentials to create and delete Gists. Ensure the GitHub token has the necessary permissions to create and delete Gists.
  4. Wait Node: Adjust the wait time according to your preference for how long the email content should be accessible via the HTML page.

Additional Notes

For any questions or issues, refer to the respective API documentation for each service used or consult the N8N community for support.

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