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This n8n workflow is specifically designed to monitor USDT TRC20 transactions within a specified wallet. It utilizes the public blockchain database of TronScan, requiring no API authentication, to periodically check and process transaction data. This workflow is ideal for users who need an automated solution to track their TRC20 wallet transactions.



Setup and Configuration

  1. Import Workflow: Load the provided JSON workflow into your N8N instance.
  2. Configure Edit Fields Node:
  1. TronScan Data Access: The workflow accesses TronScan's public blockchain data, so no additional configuration is required for API access.
  2. Schedule Trigger Node: Defaulted to trigger every 15 minutes. Modify as per your requirements.
  3. Test the Workflow: Execute the workflow manually to ensure everything is operating correctly.

How it Works

  1. Schedule Trigger: Initiates the workflow at predetermined intervals.
  2. Edit Fields: Sets up the wallet address and transaction retrieval count.
  3. TronScan Data Retrieval: Gathers transaction data from the TRC20 wallet using TronScan's public database.
  4. Split Out & Filter: Processes and filters the transaction data.
  5. Final Results: Organizes and formats the required transaction data for review.
  6. Aggregate: Consolidates all records (items) into a one comprehensive list (item).


Best Practices


Your feedback and contributions are greatly appreciated. Feel free to adapt, modify, and share enhancements with the n8n community.

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